Newspaper sponsorship

"We have worked with many big companies who want to associate their brand with leading newspapers"


Companies often find that associating their name with a prestigious newspaper is a good way to strengthen their brand and promote new products and events.

Again, this is an area where Penmedia has worked extensively. We love the impact you can create with design in a tabloid format.

No tablet device or screen has the same effect in terms of size. You might want to have your own supplement as a stand-alone in-store, to be handed out at an event, or to be inserted into a newspaper. We can handle anything. The design, the words, the editing, the pictures, the printing. Job done.

We can also come up with great conceptual campaigns for newspaper wraps, a couple of which are shown below.

So let’s see what we can do for you with our creative minds, then we’ll use our state-of-the-art electronic equipment to produce some fantastic work and get it printed on some dead trees.


This was produced with Emirates airline and was a round-up of great ways to enjoy this fabulous Australian city



INSIDE SPREAD Dramatic landscape photography with insightful text. We had a great response from client and reader



MasterChef Live

A supplement to support this flagship event at Olympia



INSIDE SPREAD Lots of information on busy and exciting pages



Luxury for Less

This was a supplement co-branded with The Mail on Sunday



INSIDE SPREAD It featured lots of furniture deals, and the space inside comprised separate advertising fractions, so the layout had to be rigid but seem free-flowing




The concept was to have that day’s Evening Standard front page reproduced on the front of the Samsung tablet device, which in turn was wrapped around the paper. This had maximum impact when sitting opposite people reading the paper on the Tube




We loved this fun wrap we produced for Domestos. Extensive re-touching made London look covered in limescale