Newspaper editorial

"We still love designing for newsprint, as we love the format and impact you can create"


At Penmedia, we have designed and produced many newspaper pages over the years. There’s something to be said for producing information on one of the oldest and most venerable platforms around. But despite its old-fashioned reputation, there’s something about the texture and immediacy of print that makes it special.

In fact, a small newspaper is an ideal thing to give clients, or hand out in a shop. And the form is so adaptable that the brief can be whatever you want it to be. Just tell us what you want and we can write it, design it, and we have a company we work with who can print from just one copy to thousands.

Get in contact with us. Newspapers are STILL a great way to promote your brand. We’d love to put some ideas together for you, before you commit to anything. Below are a few we made earlier. Now where’s the sticky back plastic?

BBC Good Food Show

A 16-page section to be handed out and distributed at this leading food event



inside spread We did an amazing shoot with Heston Blumenthal, and interviewed him and many other famous chefs




A newspaper about American basketball coming to London



inside spread A combination of great photography and a strong layout really gave this clout. Slam dunks all round



Tourism South East

A supplement to promote the fun and entertainment to be had in Brighton and the South East



INSIDE SPREAD Lots of movement, big pictures and great words. That’s the way to do it



Great Days Out

To freshen up this regular supplement, we commissioned this fantastic artist to illustrate the front covers



INSIDE SPREAD We try and push the boundaries as often as we can in terms of layout and use of pictures and colour