Newspaper advertorial

"Newspaper advertorials are a fantastic way to get your message across"


People say newspapers are dead. That print is dead. It’s not true.

We still produce a considerable volume of advertorials for newsprint. And as you can see below, we have had some considerable successes.

Most campaigns these days have a call to action to a website carrying similar or further information. Brands often find that cross-platform campaigns result in even more success.

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British Airways

A huge campaign which ran for a long period to help find ‘Great Britons’. This DPS was followed up by weekly columns over several months




Another large campaign, this time to promote this iconic drink and make it a part of summer. Weekly columns drew attention to certain events while subtly featuring Courvoisier




The Evening Standard’s centre pages were used to promote great places to enjoy a beer at the London Marathon

Cisco Advertorial



A cross-promotion with Blackberry and London Fashion Week



Mayor of London

Part of the launch campaign for Boris Bikes, as they are known. We at Penmedia haven’t tried them once. Cab!



American Express

The fact that it’s newsprint and there’s a house style, doesn’t mean a page should look boring. We always aim to create
eye-catching easy-to-read design whatever we do




Penmedia proudly worked alongside the Evening Standard, producing advertorials for a large number of brands. This DPS for Cisco was also a part of a massive campaign




Another campaign for Orange. This opening page was followed up by weekly columns to promote fantastic deals on this leading network