Customer publishing

"Branded magazines for companies who want constant engagement with their customers"

selected work

Customer publishing provides a unique opportunity
to hold the attention of customers for long periods.
Studies have shown that – when done successfully – this type of marketing significantly enhances
brand loyalty.

Besides creating a regular magazine, there are many creative ways to bring customer publishing into your marketing mix – event guides, mini booklets, coffee table books… the list goes on. Look through our portfolio of work on this site to inspire your creativity.

We are sure you will have your own ideas too. Call us today to discuss them. We offer a wealth of expertise at every step along the road to  your customer publishing project, from conceiving and designing the material, to writing, editing, production, printing, distribution and delivery.

Miss Selfridge

A 136-page bespoke mini-book to celebrate the 40th year of this iconic high street store


inside spread It was launched alongside sponsorship of a fashion exhibition at the V&A Museum in London and over 20,000 copies were distributed in stores throughout the UK



Loyd Grossman

We designed and produced this glossy 16-page magazine for Britain’s most successful new premium food brand



inside spread Over 500,000 copies were printed and distributed with the London Evening Standard and handed out at leading supermarkets across the UK




A magazine for Barclays distributed across London at major retail outlets



inside spread It contained useful information about getting the most out of London combined with tips on financial management and savings and was very well received by client and reader



Bet Fred

A magazine produced to explain and simplify the complexities of poker



inside spread It ran alongside a successful promotion in the London Evening Standard which generated considerable activity